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1-on-1 Confidence Coaching

1 on 1 confidence coaching is for anyone who is ready to change and grow. Over the course of our coaching time you will feel empowered to take action to get what you want out of life. If you want to build self-confidence, gain self-acceptance, and reach your goals, this is where you start. 1 on 1 coaching is an investment in YOU and you are WORTH it. I work with each client individually to create a customized program that will help you become the person you want to be.

Link to 1-on-1 coaching with Christine Errico
Link to group coaching workshops with Christine Errico

Group Coaching & Workshops

Group coaching is an alternative to 1-on-1 coaching where a small group of 4-6 members work together to achieve common goals and address a specific theme or topic. Members receive tremendous value from a structured program and the support and accountability of other group members that you can relate to and share in this personal journey with.



"Working with Christine as a coach was wonderful. As a business coach, she was supportive of my goals and direct in her approach to challenge me and my mindset. She was great at incorporating strategies that helped me move forward in my business. "

-Nikki W.
"I have had the honor and the privilege of working with Christine on several occasions through business and personal issues. I feel heard and seen. She is a seasoned coach with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. She has helped me take steps to change the trajectory of my life for the better!"

-Dawn D.
"Christine has been my life coach off and on for a year. She swooped in to my life at a very challenging and emotionally torn time. She found ways to word things so that I could look up and look forward. Her work ethics are astounding, her ability to commiserate and put the view I had on things in to a light I was unable to see was almost magical to me. I have only benefited from her work as a life coach, she is trusting, she is loyal and stays professional even in times where I think others without her credentials and education would not be able to. I plan to continue to be one of Christine’s coached’s in life clients and can only see improvements in the steps I choose to take."

-Sonja A.

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