Break free from self-loathing and shame to achieve a happy and fulfilling life full of confidence and self-acceptance!

If you have a cleft lip or palate I can help you build confidence, gain self-acceptance, and achieve your goals so you can live the life you always dreamed of.


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For 47 years, I denied having a cleft and refused to talk about it with anyone.

Being born with a cleft lip and palate, I lacked confidence and over compensated by trying to be the best at everything else. I didn't feel like I knew who I was, so I tried to fit in everywhere else.  I had incredible social anxiety and was always worried I would be rejected, so I did whatever I thought everyone would want me to do. I easily agreed with what the group wanted when it came to things like going out to dinner, what movie to see, etc., and I was always “tap dancing” as my therapist kindly put it.

I was so full of shame and self-loathing that I wanted to be ANYONE but me because I didn’t feel I liked who I was. I grew up thinking I was a monster that nobody else liked and it took me 47 years to realize that wasn’t true, and to work through my guilt and shame.

I hope that you have not experienced the self-loathing and shame that I have throughout my life. However, if you can relate to my story, it is my goal to support you in confidently figuring out who YOU are and what you want out of life. I want you to live a fulfilling life you can be proud of. You DESERVE just that. Together, we will take the next necessary steps to ensure that you have the confidence and skills to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Have you ever felt any of these feelings living with a cleft lip or other facial difference?

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    You’re too anxious to be in group settings
  • two blue arrows pointing to the right
    You feel ashamed about your facial scars and having a cleft lip
  • two blue arrows pointing to the right
    It feels like everyone is staring at your face
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    You’re unable to accomplish the goals you are most passionate about
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    You have low self-confidence or self-esteem
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    You lack confidence with dating or creating new relationships (even friendships!)
  • two blue arrows pointing to the right
    You are uncomfortable with speaking in front of other people (even your coworkers or friends!)
  • two blue arrows pointing to the right
    You feel like you don’t fit in with your peers

If these feelings are familiar, you are NOT alone! I experienced these feelings all the time! I can help you work through these issues and all of the challenges that come with having a cleft lip or other facial difference.


What can you achieve if you stopped hiding because of your cleft lip or palate and gained more self-confidence and acceptance?  

Confidence and transformation coaching is your space where you can go through a powerful transformation to become the person you were meant to be!  Having lived with a cleft lip and palate, I understand the challenges you face. I know what it’s like when people don’t understand you when you talk, or when you dread walking into a room full of strangers. 

When you work with me as your confidence and transformation coach, it is like having an experienced partner in your corner who will always be there to motivate, encourage and support you as you navigate through life while gently pushing you out of your comfort zone and keeping you accountable when you need (and want) it most!

Confidence and Transformation coaching looks towards the future, not the past. With my support and guidance, you want to be the person you always dreamed of – full of confidence, freely talking about your cleft, and achieving full acceptance of yourself and your facial differences.    

"Consider me your guide to building confidence and transformation while you work towards achieving your goals and becoming the best person you can be!"


My 1-on-1 coaching program is based on my own experiences growing up with a cleft.  Together we develop a program that is custom tailored to your personal needs. During our sessions, we will work on taking small and achievable steps to get you to where you want to be in life. My focus is on a majority of areas of your life such as: building self-confidence, learning to love yourself, self-image, overcoming guilt & shame, managing anxiety, career goals, personal relationships, and more.

1-On-1 Coaching

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Group Coaching

Link to group coaching workshops with Christine Errico


"Working with Christine as a coach was wonderful. As a business coach, she was supportive of my goals and direct in her approach to challenge me and my mindset. She was great at incorporating strategies that helped me move forward in my business. "

-Nikki W.
"I have had the honor and the privilege of working with Christine on several occasions through business and personal issues. I feel heard and seen. She is a seasoned coach with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. She has helped me take steps to change the trajectory of my life for the better!"

-Dawn D.
"Christine has been my life coach off and on for a year. She swooped in to my life at a very challenging and emotionally torn time. She found ways to word things so that I could look up and look forward. Her work ethics are astounding, her ability to commiserate and put the view I had on things in to a light I was unable to see was almost magical to me. I have only benefited from her work as a life coach, she is trusting, she is loyal and stays professional even in times where I think others without her credentials and education would not be able to. I plan to continue to be one of Christine’s coached’s in life clients and can only see improvements in the steps I choose to take."

-Sonja A.

Working with Christine as a coach was wonderful. As a business coach, she was supportive of my goals and direct in her approach to challenge me and my mindset. She was great at incorporating strategies that helped me move forward in my business.

-Nikki W.

Watch “Growing Up With Cleft”, My Latest Interview With the World’s Largest Cleft Organization: Smile Train.

In this video, I, along with my friends Amy and Ashley who also have a cleft lip and palate, open up about our personal experiences growing up with clefts, sharing what we wish more people understood about clefts, and offer suggestions on how parents can best support their children through their cleft care journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time considering hiring a Professional Personal Coach or getting involved in the cleft community?
I promise, you are not alone. View some of the questions asked most often by first-time clients or schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call below.


What is cleft confidence coaching?

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Cleft Confidence Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals reach their goals. Through personalized sessions, I inspire you towards new ways of thinking, changing old behaviors, and help you realize your potential so you can achieve your goals and become the person you were meant to be.

How is coaching different from therapy?

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Therapy is a process that looks to the past to resolve issues that are affecting your life today. Coaching looks only towards the future.  The coaching process focuses on goal setting by changing behaviors and receiving guidance and accountability to achieve your goals and live a happier life.

I’m in therapy, can I also work with you as a coach?

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ABSOLUTELY! Therapy and coaching co-exist very nicely. During our coaching sessions, we will work on your goals objectives that you may discover as part of your therapy process.

What are the benefits of coaching?

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There are many benefits of having a coach, such as:

- Being held accountable by someone who is invested in your growth and goals
- Gaining perspective and overcoming fears about moving forward in life
- Achieving greater satisfaction in your life, relationships and career
- Increasing your self-confidence

Can I work with you if I don’t have a cleft lip?

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OF COURSE! I work with everyone who wants to improve their self-confidence and wants to reach their goals.  As a certified life coach, I am trained in the coaching process.  Contact me to arrange a discovery call and we can discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

How much does coaching cost?

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I have different coaching packages depending on your budget and goals. During our discovery call, we will go over the various packages and pricing that will be best for you.

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